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VONINO Corporation is an American holding company, responsible for global marketing of digital products, which provides electronic products from consumer, commercial, industrial & lifestyle applications.

It has developed into one of the fastest growing OEM/ODM manufacturers, engaged in the production of Tablet PCs, smart phones, GPS Navigation, MP3 players, USB disks and computer accessories.

Our team works with world leading companies to create innovative designs and user experiences. We understand how important good designing and creative ideas are for our partners business. Our designers and engineers are striving to develop and create products to help our partners stand out in the market. Our vocation is to bring joyful bestsellers to global markets. We focus mostly on mobile devices, delivering both new product design and turnkey projects. Our teams work seamlessly in sync and have excellent experience in innovative and dynamic product design for manufacturing. Our design services range from strategic portfolio management to design for manufacturing with turnkey delivery. Our unique design capabilities are supported by our extensive knowledge of materials, surface treatments, user interaction, software and hardware development, and processes in the industry. All our operations are tailored to respond to the client’s specific needs. Our passion is to create products people will relate to and engage with.

VONINO Corporation is working to develop a worldwide wholesale distribution business for telecom, gaming, photo-video and IT products. In sync with the growth in customers’ demand for electronics over the past 15 years, we attempt to stay focused on what end-users want and expect from a product and to continue our exponential growth, from one year to another, while staying true to our long term vision for our business and the requests of global customers.

We are focused not only on manufacturing high quality, affordable products, but we also spend a lot of time and money on constantly improving our after sales support. The objective of having a well developed support service is that of keeping our distributors and retailers focused only on the sale activity, so that no other customer request could get in their way. For this purpose, we have a team of online service support and a software developing team, which is constantly updating and improving our products.
VONINO Corporation was founded as a business in 2009, with the objective of delivering good quality and innovative consumer electronics to customers with all levels of income. Based on the founders' previous experience, of over 15 years in the worldwide wholesale distribution business for telecom, gaming, photo-video and IT products, the VONINO Corporation was created, as a company and also as a brand, to deliver high-end products at a more affordable price, while maintaining the overall high performance. After only 3 years, the company has a steady range of products, going from MP3 Players to mobile phones, tablet PCs to GPS and other smart consumer electronics, as well as accessories. Based on the idea which started it all, to offer better value for your money.

Vonino Corporation Ltd. started off with a small range of products, in high demand on the market. Those products went from TV cables, mobile phones data cables to headphones and headsets. Over a short period of time, we managed to develop our first real range of consumer electronics, consisting of 3 main products: an MP3 player, DVD Players and a GPS navigation device, all of them released on the market after only 6 months from the day when the company was born.

Based on the positive results and feed-back in regard to these products, which we received from both our distribution company in Europe and the end-users, we went on developing more complex products, also based on the demands of the market and on the needs and expectations of the customers. We now have a wider range of products, with a main focus on premium SMART consumer electronics, which should be found in every household and are more and more a part of our everyday life. We went from portable MP3 players to portable multimedia players, from stereo, wired in ear, headphones to high-end, high fidelity headphones, from wired headsets to Bluetooth headsets, and we also introduced a few new categories of products, such as tablet PCs, TV Boxes, Android Smart phones, Digital & Network TV.

We also continued to produce our range of accessories, which were the initial product we introduced on the market, and we now have a much wider range of adaptor cables, connecting cables, data cables, memory drives, tablet and laptop bags and sleeves and many more, which we deliver under the Vonino brand or personalized for retailers and other customers.
Following our first 3 years of successful business, we now want to improve our range of products, as we always try to think ahead of our customers’ needs and expectations, in order to release better and more appealing consumer electronics, while staying true to our commitment of delivering high quality products for customers with all levels of income. The next range of products, which we will introduce over the following year, is another big step for us, with which we hope to exceed the expectations of our existing and yet to come customers: LED and LCD based products and more Android OS based devices, as we are greatly motivated by our excellent experience with the Android OS based tablet PCs. We aim to release 2 lines of LCD and LED display products, one of which will be LED and LCD PC monitors and promo & marketing displays with diagonals of 12 to 40 inches, covering both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. The other new direction is a range of TVs covering the diagonal from 12 to 65 inches wide screen. In addition to releasing our own range of TVs, we will release the according new range of digital smart TV boxes and media players, based on Android OS. Whatever the future holds for us, we will remain committed to delivering high quality products at affordable prices and we will maintain our close connection to our end-users, taking into careful consideration all of their feed-back in regard to our products and their expectations from the Vonino brand and our products. VONINO Corporation aims to develop the VONINO brand into a worldwide consumer electronics brand.
“Corporate social responsibility requires that organizations and individuals act in a sustainable manner so as to ensure that future generations are not left with a legacy of greed but one of continued growth and prosperity” Vonino is committed to offer to the public outstandingly engineered tablets, smartphones and accessories; technology through which lives are bettered. We evolve with the times, so we’re equally focused to ensure our products, employees, sites and suppliers are following the commitments we have made to socially responsible business practices. Vonino is built on the values of customer service, advancement, entrepreneurial spirit, and integrity. We incorporate these core values into every aspect of our business and into policies and procedures in areas of quality and safety for products, employee welfare, managing a global supply chain, ethical corporate behavior, social sustainable development and environmental awareness. For detailed information about our commitments, see our CSR policies . - click here -